Over the months, the ever changing temperatures take their toll on our skins. Especially in winter when we are constantly going from central heating homes to chilly outdoors and these temperature changes can irritate our skin and cause redness and dryness, to stop this we have devised some easy tips for you to follow so that you and your skin don't have to suffer this winter. 

  • Upgrade your moisturiser to a slightly heavier one to protect your skin more than the lighter ones we use in summer, try Clarins HydraQuench moisturiser or REN vita mineral day cream. Don't forget to moisturise your body too, keep those dry elbows at bay
  • Exfoliate your skin twice a week to prevent dryness and take away the dead skin cells so that the new skin cells can absorb the products more effectively. Exfoliating will also brighten your skin if its feeling a little dull. We are loving REN one minute flash rinse for when our skins are looking tired. 
  • Cleanse twice to make sure you get rid of all makeup off your face as we tend to wear more makeup in winter months so make sure your face is squeaky clean and moisturised before you jump into bed.
  • Use an SPF! Although there might be a lack of sun :-( .. you still need to protect your skin as UV rays can penetrate through clouds. Sun screen is the best anti ageing product you can invest in so make sure your moisturiser or foundation has one in all year round. If your current moisturiser hasn't got one in then we recommend Clarins UV plus 40 as a very light sunscreen layer that can be applied over your normal moisturiser. 
  • Don't forget a night cream. They tend to be more powerful than day creams so slap some on and repair your skin whilst you sleep. Murad Perfecting Night cream is super hydrating and promotes healthy over night cell renewal.
  • Keep your lips lovely for mistletoe kisses by hydrating and protecting them with a balm. (see our winter lips SOS blog!)
  • Treat your skin from the inside out by filling your diet with anti oxidants, these will help to stop your skin getting irritated by the temperature changes. They will also help you fight off nasty colds and keep you from feeling under the weather. Cranberries, Blackberries and Blueberries are ranked highest for this among any other fruits.
  • Last but not least, refer yourself to an expert (us!), treat your skin to a facial to give it that extra boost or simply call in for some advice on the most suitable products for your home care use. Or simply come for relaxation, warm yourself up with a Clarins melting honey hot stone massage!