So last week Debbie and I went on Murad training at the Lynton Clinic in Cheadle, which was brilliant.

Murad is a Pharmaceutical so it is a cosmetic/pharmacist product created by Doctor Murad. A pharmaceutical means that the skin care products are able to penetrate 20% into the cell to actually treat the skin, whereas a cosmetic such as L'Oreal etc will only penetrate 0.4/0.5% of the skin.. A cosmetic will still make your skin feel lovely but Murad helps to treat the skin from the inside out and really make a permanent difference to your skin. It's really important that therapists understand how the skin works too so that we can help our clients treat their skincare concerns with the best products.. otherwise we wouldn't be much help would we!

Murad have got some fabulous Christmas gifts with amazing savings out this year, my favourite is the Celebrate Radiant Skin set from the Environmental Shield range. It is an amazing value at only £59.50.. it's actually worth £155!
The Environmental Shield range is perfect for skins that feel a little dull and are looking tired, it is also good for reducing pigmentation. Packed with vitamin C these products will really restore your skin. So if you think your skin needs a boost this autumn to get your glow back put this skincare set on your Christmas wish list!